10 Old TV Shows with Cult Following Websites

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In the realm of unrepentant Dorkdom, there are few things that inspire the sort of adoration that builds fan sites like the canceled television series. Dedicated fans have, since the advent of the internet, rallied to save or revive more than one series, with varying degrees of success. For fans of vintage television, here are ten axed shows with a dedicated online community.

  1. Twin Peaks – On the eighth anniversary of fictional character Laura Palmer’s death, February 24, 1997, TwinPeaks.org was launched. With detailed information for each episode, timelines and fan theories, this is a treasure trove for any Twin Peaks fans.
  2. Dark Shadows – Though an upcoming big-screen adaptation by spooky legend Tim Burton is in the works, there is still a die-hard fan base supporting the original Dark Shadows television show. Collinwood.net is the hub of this community, featuring cast biographies, breakdowns of the various plot lines and content contributed by fans of the supernatural soap.
  3. Masters of the Universe – For the young at heart with a soft spot for the Masters of the Universe, CastleGrayskull.org is a must-see fansite. Dedicated to both He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power, the site includes trivia, videos and image galleries for the vintage superhero in us all.
  4. Twilight ZoneTwilightZoneMuseum.com acts as an online clearinghouse for all things Twilight Zone, including a biography on creator and narrator Rod Serling, trivia and interesting facts about the show. Devotees of this vintage spookfest will be delighted with the wealth of information provided by the site.
  5. Quantum Leap – Part of ProjectQuantumLeap.com‘s mission statement is the successfully campaign for a major motion picture based on the late 80′s to early 90′s hit television series Quantum Leap. The film has languished in the limbo of pre-production for years, causing the entire project to be shrouded by gossip and conjecture. Also providing up-to-date information about the careers of stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, PQL is a “Leaper’s” paradise.
  6. Veronica Mars – Though a bit younger than some of the others on this list, the three-season teen noir Veronica Mars is still a cult-following powerhouse. There are a wealth of dedicated sites, but MarsInvestigations.Net is the highlight. Special sections for newcomers to the defunct series provide a guide for newbies, while veteran fans can join the campaign for a Veronica Mars film that’s been rumored since the series’ 2007 demise.
  7. Beauty and the Beast – When the CBS-supported Beauty and the Beast series made its 1987 debut, fans were swept up in the world of Catherine and Vincent, played respectively by Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. Canceled after a three-season run, there’s still a thriving fandom surrounding the series, including a website at ClassicAlliance.net that hosts weekly live chats, fanfiction and an exhaustive database of poems, books and letters that were used in the show.
  8. Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Despite the mere five-year run of Flying Circus, few comedy troupes can compete with the Monty Python boys when it comes to influence and devoted fanbases. At MontyPython.com, you’ll find biographies and listings of the films, books and albums released by Monty Python.
  9. The Avengers – Reaching a record-breaking 120 countries in its heyday, the British series The Avengers comprised of 161 episodes during an almost decade-long run. TheAvengers.tv is the hub for the online fan community, comprised of several extensive and dedicated websites.
  10. Star Trek – There are cult followings, and then there are Trekkies. A pop-culture phenom in their own right, the devotion of the Star Trek fandom gave rise to conventions and is regarded by many as the birth of fan fiction. Gene Roddenberry’s universe was first introduced to viewers in 1966, and has existed almost constantly in some form since; six separate series, eleven feature films and novels that number in the hundreds. StarTrek.com is the most popular destination for news, shopping and galleries related to the franchise on the internet.

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